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Nov 102014
ERTHAWARE REPORT Photo Essay #225a -- On Not Expecting the Unexpected

Dear ERTHAWARE Students and Adventurers, This summer, to celebrate the end of July and beginning August we (Dennis and I) made a photo trip on our favorite high country dirt road that takes us to the alpine/tundra zone above tree line. To access our primitive road we drove a lovely paved highway from sea level [continue reading…]

Jul 112014
ERTHAWARE REPORT# 224 -- Solstice on a Kissing Mountain Meadow

Dear Friends of the ERTHAWARE REPORT, Two weeks ago we journeyed into high-country to get the tidings of the mountains for the Mid-Summer Solstice. But before I share with you the following 8 pictures I want to profusely thank those of you who been sacrificially pitching in to our L.E.A.R.N. non-profit group to begin replacing [continue reading…]

Apr 212014
ERTHAWARE REPORT #223 "Contemplative Snowshoeing"

THE ERTHAWARE REPORT: Donn Ring’s photographic essays celebrating the wonder of life on our tiny home planet and our place in it Dear ERTHAWARE Friends, Two months ago, Steve (the hero of the last ERTHAWARE eagle recovery story) and I went snowshoeing in the high country. It was an exhibit-day displaying winter’s wondrous art. While [continue reading…]


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Feb 102014

Blogmaster/Editor’s note: This report, contrary to most of Donn’s reports contains both images that can be enlarged and those that are already full size. If you click on an image and it doesn’t enlarge, it is one that is at full size already. The eagle shots all can be enlarged. All can still be seen [continue reading…]

Dec 312013
ERTHAWARE REPORT#221 - 2013 Year End Report

Dear Friends of the ERTHAWARE REPORT and the E.Y.E.S. REPORT, To all our recipients, whether via direct email or via our webpage, we wish you a wondrous NEW YEAR! — with the hope that your eyes and minds are daily filled with awe at the gift of Life all around us on our tiny home-planet [continue reading…]