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Oct 072011
ERTHAWARE Report #207 "Startling Clarity"

Dear ERTHAWARE Sojourners, There are in life rare moments of such startling clarity that it leaves one drop-jaw breathless. As many of you know, I prefer foul weather photography that accentuates the play of light and shadow and the sensuous reveal and hiddenness of topography that gives drama and experiential depth to a scene. I [continue reading…]

Aug 232011
ERTHAWARE REPORT#205 "Growing to Understand True Beauty"

Dear ERTHAWARE Co-Explorers, In our last report on August 3rd we left you while we were standing next to 15’ (4.6 m) snow-drifts in mid-Summer. While much of our little planet has been experiencing record heat waves, droughts, floods, and storms this year, our small Pacific West-coast corner of the Earth has had record cool [continue reading…]

Aug 012011
ERTHAWARE Report #204 "Enlightenment within the Clouds"

Dear ERTHAWARE Adventurers, To celebrate the end of July we drove into the high hills to check the fingerprints of summer. I overheard impatient grumblers at the “Scenic Lookout” cursing clouds that violated the cloudless postcards on display for a dollar — all is hidden. “Let’s move on!” Such transient gawkers want instant full nudity, [continue reading…]

May 012011
ERTHAWARE Report #200 "Shuffling Towards Summer on Mayday"

Dear ERTHAWARE Adventurers, (a Haiku) Mayday sun warms, Harbinger of summer… Strap on snowshoes! At the end of April, I called Dennis who had just returned from a winter in Arizona. “Denny, you desert softy – you need to go for a walk in our hills. This is our real home. It looks like Mayday [continue reading…]

ERTHAWARE REPORT #192 “Climbing because it is There”

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Nov 012010
ERTHAWARE REPORT #192 “Climbing because it is There”

Dear ERTHAWARE Sojourners, Last Tuesday night I received a phone call from Dennis (my partner in wilderness exploration for the last 43 years). “How about going mushroom hunting tomorrow in the Buckhorn Wilderness Area?” As you can tell by the lack of frequency of the ERTHAWARE REPORT the last few months, I was ready to go. [continue reading…]