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Aug 072012
ERTHAWARE REPORT #215 "The Manly Adventure of Sitting Among Flowers"

Would Budweiser produce a TV ad for the Superbowl featuring old guys crouched with cameras among a meadow of alpine wildflowers? What does our media-driven consumer culture suggest is viral manly behavior? What perpetually portrayed messages shape our male emotional and spiritual formation? Dear ERTHAWARE Adventurers, As a celebration of the end of July the [continue reading…]

Jul 042012
ERTHAWARE REPORT # 214 "The Excitement of Quarter Inch Thinking"

Dear ERTHAWARE Friends of Life on this little Planet, How tragically easy it is to pass through this brief life-time without seeing or knowing the exquisite tiny evidences of integral life on this gifted planet. This is the art of seeing the small in vital connection with the greater. (more about this thought towards the [continue reading…]

Jun 072012
ERTHAWARE REPORT #213 "Walking Among the Bare Bones of the Earth"

Dear ERTHAWARE fellow pilgrims,  Forty years ago I remember seeing my right leg bones and knee on X-rays at an orthopedic clinic that was famous for repairing damage to the knees of college and professional athletes. Seeing those physical bones of my interior body had an interesting psychological affect. Beyond the culturally and mentally constructed [continue reading…]