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May 252011
ERTHAWARE Report #201 part 3 "The Inescapable Problem of a Savage Beauty: Our Shaking Home Planet"

Dear ERTHAWARE Explorers of our little Planet, I’m so glad you survived Harold Camping’s mistaken prediction of a sudden Rapture on May 21 for his exclusive brand of believer, and his coldly calculated prediction of a horrible rolling global earthquake that would kill millions, but also exhume the dead bodies of billions. Now let’s finish [continue reading…]

May 012011
ERTHAWARE Report #200 "Shuffling Towards Summer on Mayday"

Dear ERTHAWARE Adventurers, (a Haiku) Mayday sun warms, Harbinger of summer… Strap on snowshoes! At the end of April, I called Dennis who had just returned from a winter in Arizona. “Denny, you desert softy – you need to go for a walk in our hills. This is our real home. It looks like Mayday [continue reading…]