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Aug 232011
ERTHAWARE REPORT#205 "Growing to Understand True Beauty"

Dear ERTHAWARE Co-Explorers, In our last report on August 3rd we left you while we were standing next to 15’ (4.6 m) snow-drifts in mid-Summer. While much of our little planet has been experiencing record heat waves, droughts, floods, and storms this year, our small Pacific West-coast corner of the Earth has had record cool [continue reading…]

Aug 012011
ERTHAWARE Report #204 "Enlightenment within the Clouds"

Dear ERTHAWARE Adventurers, To celebrate the end of July we drove into the high hills to check the fingerprints of summer. I overheard impatient grumblers at the “Scenic Lookout” cursing clouds that violated the cloudless postcards on display for a dollar — all is hidden. “Let’s move on!” Such transient gawkers want instant full nudity, [continue reading…]