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Nov 242010
ERTHAWARE REPORT #193 “Thankful for Fungi”

Dear ERTHAWARE explorers, Three weeks ago in our ERTHAWARE Report we started to share our one day October journey into the Buckhorn Wilderness to search for mushrooms. Because of the stunning views of the first snowfalls on the mountains I was side tracked in our last Report. But now we’re back on track. We turned off the Scar Pass trunk logging road to [continue reading…]

ERTHAWARE REPORT #192 “Climbing because it is There”

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Nov 012010
ERTHAWARE REPORT #192 “Climbing because it is There”

Dear ERTHAWARE Sojourners, Last Tuesday night I received a phone call from Dennis (my partner in wilderness exploration for the last 43 years). “How about going mushroom hunting tomorrow in the Buckhorn Wilderness Area?” As you can tell by the lack of frequency of the ERTHAWARE REPORT the last few months, I was ready to go. [continue reading…]