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May 232010
ERTHAWARE Report #186 "The Wonder of Nasty Spines"

Dear ERTHAWARE Explorers, (This REPORT is much longer than usual. Becoming aware of our marvelous planet is more than Natural History and pretty pictures. It also includes Cultural History, since human mammals are an integral part of what exists in nature. At the end of this desert report I want to make anthropological comments on the wisdom of [continue reading…]

May 032010
ERTHAWARE REPORT #185 "A Winged Ballet Among the Rubble"

[this email is best viewed in Rich Text HTML Format] Dear ERTHAWARE Pilgrims, A few weeks ago we heard rumors of wild flowers in bloom on the south side of the Superstition Mountains east-northeast of Phoenix. We hopped in Dennis’ Honda Element “Pudge” and charged up the road from Arizona City. Once spring temperatures heat up, [continue reading…]