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Mar 282010
ERTHAWARE REPORT #183 "On Observing Drops of Dawn Rain While Being Almost Naked"

[this email is best viewed in HTML Rich Format] Dear ERTHAWARE Observers, We heard a pre-dawn patter on the roof of our cottage – Spring Rains! the comforting rhythms of life-giving drink. With early light I slipped from under our down comforter, eased my way down creaky stairs, slipped on my oversized clogs, and, merely dressed in skivvies, stumbled [continue reading…]

Mar 062010
ERTHAWARE Report #182 "Survival Chores met by Beauty"

Dear ERTHAWARE friends, Many people have asked us, “Where is the ERTHAWARE REPORT? Have you quit doing it?” It is true that we have been silent for 2 months, but we have not quit. After the New Year Lynn and I became encumbered in so many projects and meetings we just didn’t get around to it. But [continue reading…]