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Jun 162010
ERTHAWARE Report #188 "Dancing With the Stars"

Dear ERTHAWARE Friends, I intend to continue my pictures and comments about our recent desert trip to photograph wild flowers. But sometimes I’m moved to deviate. I sit with my laptop under a sloping roof in the northeast corner of our cottage attic and struggle to select photos as well as fumble out a stream-of-conscious flow of words to lift our vision [continue reading…]

Jun 072010
ERTHAWARE Report #187 "Moving Out -- Risking Authentic Reality"

(April — in the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona) Dear ERTHAWARE Explorers, Wild desert beauty is rarely embedded in cozy benignity, or cloaked in flannel comfort with effortless access. Intimacy with raw beauty can be fearsomely tough, savaged by extreme elements and unfriendly defenses. The path to discovery is not without challenge or risk. Timing, patience, facing fear and stepping out are demanding essentials for [continue reading…]