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Stranded on a Mountain Road: Part 1

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Jan 282017

Dear Family and Friends,

Most of you know by now that recently we went on a casual one day picnic outing in the Olympic National Forest in an area only locals know. But our car became stuck in ice and snow in a remote area. The temperatures were near zero degrees Fahrenheit and we had to use our car and whatever we had as survival gear in the cold. We eventually became the object of Search & Rescue and got home in the wee hours on the 3rd day.

Many folk, knowing that I take photos and write essays, asked if I would tell the story in essay form with photos. This is no Reader’s Digest or Guidepost or O Magazine big time story like bivouacking on Everest, or Lost Two Months at Sea. But it did have its potential danger realities. Facing the reality of hypothermia and possibly death brings up serious existential questions as to the purpose and quality of our living. We talk about that.

We’ll tell the story in 2 parts in 2 separate Emails. Part 1 tells about how and why we go into the mountains, and on this particular day. Part 2 will tell what we did to survive and about those who eventually got us out.

Hugs from Lynn and me




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